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Internship Guide

  • WHO do I talk to about doing an internship?
    Get in touch with Alison Heryer at to discuss the internship process.
  • WHAT do I need to do to get an internship?
    Months in advance of the school term when you want to do an internship, you need to find it, establish contact and agree upon the arrangement between you, PSU and the employer (links below). You’ll also need a resume tailored to the internship opportunity. See tips for How to Write an Internship Resume.
  • WHEN is the right time to be getting an internship?
    Your junior year or later, when you have a portfolio full of great photos from your classes!
  • WHERE can you get an internship?
    Research places (find links below) to decide where you want to work. Also look at Handshake, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. Check them out on social media for how employees feel about their jobs.
  • WHY should you consider getting an Internship?
    Internships are the single most effective way to get hired! Build your resume with paid internship experiences at prestigious companies looking for new talent. Make money while earning college credit at the same time. Expand your professional network for valuable future references.
  • HOW do I get an internship?
    Fill out the Internship Form for Students and the By-Arrangement Request Form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When you get an internship offer, immediately respond to the employer!  

To receive PSU credit, you need to fill out this Google Form at least one month before the start of the school term, and submit a By-Arrangement Request Form to the PSU Registrar.

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