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Sustainable Fashion Minor

The 28-credit minor in Sustainable Fashion emphasizes sustainable and inclusive approaches to textiles and apparel. The curriculum centers on circular design philosophies for clothing the body and promotes ethical approaches to research, ideation, and production.


What to Expect:

  • Develop a critical understanding of materials at every stage of the process from fiber to final product


  • Engage in maker-driven courses that fuse traditional textile processes with current technologies and digital fabrication


  • Understand the social, economic, and cultural implications of the fashion system, and develop work that is inclusive of people marginalized from the dominant fashion discourse


  • Learn to collaborate and effectively communicate research and design ideas in professional settings and public-facing exhibitions of work


  • Gain entrepreneurial training to develop socially responsible brands or pursue existing opportunities in the industry

The courses for this 28-credit minor are below:


ART 216 Sewn Construction (4 credits)


ART 314 Sustainable Fashion Practice (4 credits)


ART 322U or 323U History of Dress I or II (4 credits)


ART + DESIGN ELECTIVES (choose 16 Credits)


ART 219 Fashion Patterning (4 credits)


ART 313 Textile Design (4 credits)


ART 316 Fabric & Form (4 credits)


ART 318 Weaving Pattern & Structure (4 credits)


ART 319 Fashion Research & Ideation (4 credits)


ART 399 Costume Design (4 credits)


ART 416 Textile Arts Studio (4 credits)


ART 404 Fashion/Textile Internship (2 credits)


ART 410 Fashion/Textile Topics (2 credits)

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